About Me

1. I like lists...so here's a list of things about me.

2. The best job in the world is being a wife, and mom to three "practically-perfect-in-every-way" kids.

3. I'm a quoter. I love to quote movies (#2 is from Mary Poppins), and T.V. shows (Modern Family and the Office, please). Right now, I'm obsessed with Mean Girls. "You go Glen Cocoa!"

4. The 80's rock. I have at least five different 80's stations set on Pandora.

5. I'm a die-hard LA Clippers fan. I wear my CP3 shirt every time they play a game--home or away. ALL day. No matter the occasion. Last year I wore it on Christmas day. Hey, my Clips were playing!

6. I sew homemade apron skirts for kicks-and-giggles.

7. Running is my favorite work-out. But, who has time for that? Instead, I sing off-key and do "the robot." I'm sure it burns just as many calories.

8. I own a minimum of 12 Bath and Body lotions at a time. A girl never knows what she wants to smell like any given day.

9. I'm one of those people who loves books to the point that I refuse to dog-ear a single page.

10. Coke Zero gets me through the day.


  1. You seem like someone I'd be friends with if we lived near each other :)

  2. Aww, shucks! Now, I'm wishing we did! :)