A YA Speculative fiction, ONCE IN LIMBERLOST.


Seventeen-year-old Avery Leighton doesn’t want to be “swamp girl” anymore. Even if she is the only one not physically scarred from a toxic leak of Chromium 6.5 that forced her small Indiana town to evacuate deep into Limberlost Swamp. When Avery learns of the magical healing powers of the surrounding wetlands, she's determined to help the professor who is secretly studying her world. Especially after the Sherriff of the nearby town uncovers their hideout and wants justice for the kidnapping of his lost son. But the 20 survivors don’t want to leave, even if they can be cured—even if they'll be jailed, or worse killed. Avery is desperate to convince them. That is, until she sneaks into town and stumbles upon Ben. Perfect Ben—who fills her head with dreams of school and a life beyond the swamp. Now, Avery must decide to save the people she loves or save herself.

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