Monday, October 22, 2012

Hook, Line, and Sinker contest: YA entry #2 - IGNITE

UPDATE: The HLandS contest is officially over. 

Here are my stats:

1 Full Request
2 Partial Requests
1 Very nice comment about my writing from a well-known agent

Good morning! Aren't Monday's grand?? They are when you make it into round 3 of the Hook, Line, and Sinker Contest. Please check out my entry. Kat Ellis writes: YA entry #2 - IGNITE: Name: Natasha Hawkins Title: IGNITE Genre: YA Urban Fantasy Word count: 65,000 Hook: Branded with PTSD after her grandma’s murder...

Only agents can comment over at Kat Ellis Writes, but you can hop on back here and leave a comment, if so inclined! =)

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